Donate to the collection

How do you make a donation proposal?🎨

1: Receive one of the Open Call invitations and follow the instructions
2: Submit your work to be voted by the community on the # 💚i-want-to-contribute channel on our Discord
3: Send the work to the ArtSect Multi-Sig Gnosis Safe for the members to vote on snapshot 4: ArtSect DAO members vote on the new candidate and send out the next step instructions

What happens once your work is accepted?

First, congratulations! To join as a member, all you need to do is send over your NFT to the DAO with a couple of clicks. Once done, you'll receive back an allocation of ART3 governance tokens, and then you can begin to participate in the curatorial process going forward.
If you have any questions about transferring your NFT, please send a note to [email protected]

Are The Amount Of Tokens Given For An NFT Donated The Same Across The Board?

Any person or entity that donates a work to ArtSect that is accepted by the DAO will receive a governance NFT for the curation Sub-DAO. Members may decide to decrease (or increase) the number of scope of NFT functionality available for artists or collectors that donate works at a later point in time. It will be up to the DAO pod members.

Can You Remove Your NFT?

Once your NFT is submitted and accepted, it becomes a part of the permanent collection. The members may be able to remove an NFT from the collection through a governance vote

Can You Withdraw An NFT That Has Been Submitted?

Not at this time. Once your work is submitted, it will be up for consideration for membership.

Does ArtSect Have Any Preference For Types Of Works To Be Added To The Permanent Collection?

Preferences are entirely up to the members. There is no limitation on the type of NFTs an individual can submit (digital art, collectibles, etc.). However, ArtSect NFT Gallery aims to be a permanent collection which represents artists and creators of diverse backgrounds, thoughts, aspirations, and more. The more unique the voices are, the better!

Can You Donate More Than One Work To ArtSect?

Yes, you can donate more than one work to ArtSect.