Artist Proposal Process

A simple framework that enables DAOs to work alongside artists to cultivate value—for the artist, the DAO, and the larger community.

Join the Decentralized Arts Movement

Our community of artists, curators and partons lives and operates on the Artsect Discord. 1. Propose your artwork, exhibitions or ideas on the SUBMIT channel 2.The community will then turn these to on-chain voting proposals 3. Patrons stake ART3 against proposals

Ideas to prepare 💡

  • Curatorial Statement: What is the story you’re looking to tell through your collection?
  • Collaboration Network: What people, skills, and resources are at your disposal?
  • Showcase Ecosystem: Where do you plan on telling your story?
The guiding principles behind ArtSect is to a relationship between DAO and artist—one that is both creator-centric and mutually beneficial. The framework achieves this by enabling DAOs to engage with artists in 3 phases that culminate in a collaborative partnership.

Phase 1: Celebration

Artists are the initialisers of value. They are alchemists who create something from nothing. As such, the celebration phase entails the DAO adding a work from an artist that aligns with their curatorial narrative to their collection. By doing so, the DAO initiates a relationship with the artist that begins with a celebration of the artist’s story.
  • Education:
  • Training
  • Onboarding:

Phase 2: Commission

Whereas the initial phase focuses on celebrating the artist’s story, the commission phase emphasises building an immutable bond between the DAO and artist. By commissioning a work, the story remains the artist’s to tell while allowing the DAO to become a character within it.
  • Purpose: become a character in the artist’s story
  • Action: collector commissions custom work for DAO’s collection
  • Artist benefit: Expand catalog at minimal risk
  • Collector benefit: make creative mark
Phase 3: Exhibition
For DAOs (and collectors writ large), there remains no higher honour than to be invited into the artist’s creative process as a co-author. This is why the collaboration phase of the framework is perhaps the most difficult yet rewarding—both creatively and financially. This phase isn’t meant to signal finality in the relationship between collector and artist but rather the beginning of a new story, told together.
  • Purpose: co-author a story with the artist
  • Desired outcome: DAO supports artist on an ambitious new work with revenue split
  • Artist benefit: Push creative boundaries, aided by more resources
  • DAO benefit: contribute creation (not just capital) to the ecosystem