JuiceBox Patronage

Decentralized Arts Patronage

We are a ReGenerative community of web3 action takers. We believe in the web3 sustainability loop and the potential of DAO coordination to bring about new forms of creativity and opportunity for our whole planet.
With dedication to our three sided community of Artists, Curators and Patrons, we ensure the value creation and organisation decision making is locked with them.
This also allows these groups to incubate DAO2DAO growth autonomously as opportunities arise.
If you would like to support our Artists and Curators and join our dGov community as a Patron of the Decentralized Arts, then check out our JuiceBox here:

Patronage Rewards

While receiving token gated access to our Arts & Cultural community discord to guide the governance of the organisation it's self, you will also receive Patronage gifts and special access to our events.
• Tokengated Metaverse events
• Tokengated IRL events
• Pre Drop whitelisting's
• Phygital auctions (Patron's only)

Our Metaverse Collection

As collective curators of the NFT, Metaverse and IRL collection we are free to use the artworks, plots and resources as the collective agrees, including for your personal or other DAO initiatives.
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